Realtors Start Working With Investors

How To Become An Investor Friendly Realtor

If you're a real estate agent you may have listings that you're unable to move. Often there may be potential buyers that are real estate investors in your community but you're hesitant to work them because you're not certain they can close. 

In addition many of the banks and credit unions that you're affiliated with don't usually lend to these clients since they don't typically fit their criteria. They tend to see them as too risky to fund. 

But supposed you had a resource to go to when you get that next investor that wants to do business? You can contact Carpenter Financial Services, a commercial loan brokerage that partners with several alternative lenders that work with residential and commercial real estate investors nationwide. 

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We can help get your investors funding for:

* Acquiring Rental Homes

* Mixed use

* Fix and Flip

* 1-4 Units + Multifamily 5+

* Commercial Property Acquisition + Refinance

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